This page has links to information about using professional development to increase teacher use of technology in the classroom. Information on ideas, plans, and pros and cons of different types of professional development can be found here. I play a role in technology integration in my school district and am personally interested in studying technology integration success stories.

Educational Blogs
Educational Technology Professional Development
A support unit to help staff facilitate the integration and use of technology within the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta. One way to help staff with educational technology professional development.
Digital Education
Tech topics and trends in kindergarten through 12th grade. Specific ideas for teachers.
Effective Educational Technology Professional Development
A blog exploring Web 2.0 and other technologies used for teaching and lifelong learning. Topics are ideal for individual professional development or to use for group discussions.
The Tech Curve
Talks about the learning curve needed to move from one technology to another. From a teacher's point of view.

Educational Wikis
Strategic Technology Plan
Ideas to use when creating a technology plan for a school. Base-level ideas for eduational technology professional development.
Technology Professional Development
Pages of Web 2.0 links to use in an individual or group professional development situation.
Instructional Technology Wiki Book
An online wiki book for Instructional Technology. Discusses integrating technology into the classroom.
Moving Forward
A wiki from CASTLE--Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education. An excellent source for the how-to's of presenting a professional development session for educators. Many relevant resources for educational technology professional development.

Educational Websites
Critical Issue: Effective ETPD
Information, links, and viewpoints about effective educational technology professional development.
Learning Point Resources
"A wealth of resources is available to support effective integration of technology in schools."
School Tech Leadership
The CASTLE website (see Moving Forward above). All about becoming a technology leader in your school system.

Web 2.0 Tools
Education Week: Professional Development
Slide show talking about Web 2.0 tools and their effects on professional development.
Teacher Boot Camp
35 professional development resources for teachers to engage in over the summer.
Strategies for Integrating Technology
Effective strategies for implementing Web 2.0 into the classroom.

Edutopia Articles
Twittering, Not Frittering
Ten Steps to Effective Technology Professional Development
Tech Training Poll
Technology Tools to Get Teachers Started
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Why Integrate Technology Into Education?
Technology Integration Begins at Home